when you need to cough in an exam but you’ve already coughed like twice so you just sit there suffocating

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You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive

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you know when you say something 

and it’s just 

why the fuck did i say that

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You’re cute . But you’re not Oliver Sykes cute . c0usin-0f-death
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Bring Me The Horizon - The House Of Wolves
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Beetlejuice (1988)
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"wow i really need to get hot before school starts" -me every summer

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New photo of Paramore taken in Hershey, PA
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what the fuck are girls even supposed to do we get mocked for anything and everything

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